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Body Handling

This package was designed for vet and grooming appointments however its not limited to just those situations. Being able to handle your dogs ears, mouth, paws, legs, tail, and just overall is very important. We never know when or how our dogs may injure themselves, need a nail trim, have an ear infection, or during fleas and tick season we need to check them. These programs are for me to teach you how to get your dog comfortable with vet and grooming visits. Some dogs become extremely stressed by many factors the muzzle, the handling itself, being leaned over, being brushed, being bathed, etc. From muzzle conditioning through a full examination we want our companions comfortable especially if they are in an already stressful situation why not alleviate as much as we can.

7-Day Program $600

10-Day Program $850

14-Day Program $1,100


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