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Canine Good Citizen Evaluations

All evaluations are $75 an appointment if your dog does not pass then an additional appointment with need to be scheduled. All three levels can be done in one appointment if Community Canine and Urban are needed proof of CGC will need to be provided. 

A 21 day prep program is available for purchase at the end of the training program clients will be able to test for all 3 levels if desired. Smaller training packages are available however the 21 day is going to render the best results.



The basic level of the CGC test items are provided through the link below.



Is the next level to the CGC all test items available through the link provided below.

20211001_100405 (1).jpg


Is the most advance level of CGC it is a public setting test many Service Dog and Therapy Dogs reach this level. All test items are available through the link provided below.

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