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Whether you are a dog owner, service dog handler, novice to experienced trainer you are welcome here. This is a place of conversation and learning. 

All methods of training are welcome however I will not tolerate extremism, bashing, or bullying. There was a point none of us know what we know now. Grow and learn. What is the point of my mentorship program? Well to put it simply its to learn how I train, think, observe, process and work through my clients issues. Every trainer has their own way of handling things you will learn mine. There's several options available:

the first is the TikTok subscription I have where we discuss different elements of training its $2.99 a month.

Is a call with me for an hour at $45 to discuss whatever topic you are interested in.

Is a video call for $65 where we discuss whatever topic you interested and also topic depending can see practical application.

My mentorship is set up to be conversational every once and a while I may have a topic I think is important. However I truly believe that if you are paying to learn from me it should be what you want to learn. This is meant to be at your pace so it can be weekly or monthly. Whatever works best for you a
s the learner.

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